15 Minutes, Then Get Up, Run Around, Then Sit Down Again

Us office workers have it hard. We sit on our rear ends and work from 9AM to 5PM everyday. Then we come back and do it over and over again until we retire.

But there is apparently a silent but deadly danger lurking right beneath you.


Some info over at lifehacker claims that regular sitting is killing people left and right. It’s supposed to lead to all kinds of cardiovascular problems and it’s eroding your body as we speak.

So if you can’t sit, then what are you supposed to do?

Obviously, standing is a good idea. Or that is what I’ve read. However, if you’ve worked in an office then you know how ridiculous this can be in practice. I compare it to telling a construction worker to take a 15 minute nap every 2 hours he’s working. Or asking an athlete to take it easy.

That’s why I’ve invented an exercise to help all my office bros and chicas around the world live longer. I call it the cheek flex and you won’t even have to get up. What I do is curl my toes about once every 20 minutes. Then I flex my right cheek, then the left, then the right again until I’m feeling limber.

Then tap, tap, tap, I’m typing again.

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